ARRICAM LT Super 35 3 PERF Camera       


Camera, Mags, Video tap, Cases       

With the ARRICAM Studio and the ARRICAM Lite, ARRI introduced an innovative and modular 35 mm camera system which combines maximum operating comfort. Both cameras offer easy and flexible configuration for any operating situation. Together, these cameras represent a perfectly coordinated system that provides an uunprecedented level of functionality and economic viability.

All viewfinders can be used on the ARRICAM Lite. The bright Studio Finder with its unprecedented image quality is complemented by the lightweight Lite Finder. The Lite Universal Viewfinder features an anamorphic element in the viewfinder arm that allows switching between spherical and anamorphic viewing.

Recommended Lenses:

  • Zeiss Super Speeds

  • Zeiss Standard Speeds

  • Canon K35s

  • Super Baltars