Canon's Academy Award Winning K-35 Zoom lens

25-120mm T2.8 CF: 4ft  PL mount   136mm front    includes 2x extender

This lens is Unique in a few ways, it has a very fast stop, T2.8 and remains sharp with beautiful falloff wide open, similar to cooke lenses.

This lens is sharp wide open, beautiful look and colors.

The lens has a built in macro function which brings close focus in to about 2-3 inches at 25mm focal length.  with the extender, the longest focal length is 240mm with a close focus of roughly 3 feet with the macro mode.

The lens also has incredible coverage and covers beyond super 35 without an issue.

This lens has beautiful colors and a big flare, like its prime K-35 lenses.

LIST PRICE:  $450/day


check out a great test on the zoom and primes below!