Kowa Cine Prominar Anamorphic lenses

40/50/75/100/200 w/diopter, wide adapter


We have a rehoused set of Vintage Kowa Anamorphic lenses which have been professionally rebarrelled in Japan with new double sided bright yellow markings.

Kowas have a beautiful look with expressive flares.  The skin tones on these lenses are very true.  The lenses are very lightweight and easy to use for handheld or steadicam.

This set is optically excellent and regularly maintained. Lenses were rarely used before we purchased them!

32mm T2.3 Kowa Anamorphic lensCF 3 feet5lb       130mm front

(40mm lens with a WIDE adapter, no T stop change)

40mm T2.3 Kowa Anamorphic lensCF 3 ft2.7lb      80mm front

50mm T2.3 Kowa Anamorphic lensCF 3 ft  3lb     80mm front

75mm T2.5 Kowa Anamorphic lensCF 3 ft3.5lb       80mm front

100mm T3.4 Kowa Anamorphic lensCF 5 feet4lb   80mm front

200mm T3.1 Kowa Anamorphic lensCF 3ft    3lb       95mm front

(*We have the only factory made 200mm Kowa Anamorphic known in the world)

  • Additional lenses:  
    • todd AO macros 150mm, 200mm ( 1:1 reproduction) 
    • Canon .8X Wide Adapter, 80mm Clamp -->  32mm From 40mm
    • Achromatic Diopter +2.6 PLUS 80mm Clamp ---- >  CF 1.5 - 2.5 ft EXCELLENT EDGE TO EDGE SHARPNESS!