ARRI LMB-25 clip on 4x5 Mattebox         

includes:  Eyebrow, 3 stages, trays, 1 Back, case

ARRI LMB-4a clip on 6x6 Mattebox         

includes:  2 stages, trays, Back

ARRI MB-14 Studio 6x6 Mattebox             

includes: 4 6x6 stages, 138 stage/bellows hard mattes, top and side flags, case

ARRI MB-18 Studio 4x5 Mattebox             

includes: 3x 4x5 stages

ARRI MB-19 Studio 4x5 Mattebox             

includes: Eyebrow, 2 4x5 stages, 1 138 stage, 15mm studio adapter (also good for 15 mini), 3rd 4x5 stage also available, great lightweight mattebox

ARRI MB-20 Studio 4x5 Mattebox             

includes: Eyebrow, 2 4x5 stages, 15mm studio adapter (also good for 15 mini)

ARRI FF4 follow focus                                   

inclues: dumbside wheel, 15mm rod BA-3, extension, whip, speedcrank, marking disks

ARRI WCU-4 wireless follow focus             

inclues: 2 motors, monitor bracket, batteries, SD card, cables, AMC-1 ( allows use with ANY camera), Lbus Cables

ARRI UDM-1 LCUBE Kit                                   

includes: ARRI's UDM1 Cine tape, LCUBE /LBus connector, LBus Cables Allows direct readout on the WCU-4 with AUTO-Focus !


includes:  heden motor and bracket, 2 pin and ptap Y cables, oppenhiemer pan handle