New and Notable work shot on our Lenses

A ton of new work coming out shot on our glass!  Check out these videos below!

Check out A Sweet Video Shot by Kate Arizmendi on Lensworks Rentals Kowa Cine Prominar Spherical lenses:  HERE

"National Geographic Channel’s “Mars” is an ambitious thing, a series that’s part documentary, part drama about the first human Mars mission. Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Michael Rosenberg are executive producers, with Everardo Gout directing, weaving together the interviews with space experts and the fictional narrative of the crew of the spaceship Daedalus as they attempt to set up a habitable colony on Mars."

Here is a beautiful spot on ellsworth kelly shot by DP HUNTER BAKER on our Todd AO hi speed anamorphic lens set:

Here is a beautiful spot shot on our DYALISCOPE ANAMORPHIC LENS SET by DP Evan Oliver


and Another Spot shot on our Kowa ANAMORPHIC LENSES by Nate Gunn out of Utah :