Leica SUMMILUX-C High Speed Lenses

  • The SUMMILUX-C High Speed lenses are 12 focal lengths of some of the fastest modern lens sets available. 


16mm  T1.4   3.8lbs   CF: 1'2"   95mm

18mm  T1.4   3.6lbs   CF: 1'2"   95mm 

21mm  T1.4   3.6lbs   CF: 1'       95mm

25mm  T1.4   4lbs      CF: 1'       95mm

29mm  T1.4  3.7lbs   CF: 1'6"   95mm

35mm  T1.4   3.6lbs  CF: 1'2"   95mm

40mm  T1.4   3.6lbs  CF: 1'4"   95mm

50mm T1.4   3.9lbs  CF: 1'8"    95mm

65mm T1.4   3.7lbs  CF: 1'6"    95mm

75mm T1.4   3.5lbs  CF: 2'3"    95mm

100mm  T1.4   2.5lbs  CF: 2'11"   95mm 

135mm  T1.4  7.4lbs   CF: 4'1"    116mm