Super 16 Lenses!


Lensworks has been slowly adding some fantastic Super 16 inventory!  This format can be crisp or soft depending on lens choices.. All lenses are PL mount

Pair these with an ARRI 416 or ARRI SR3 package for the win!

Canon 8-64 T2.5 zoom 

Amazing on film and on digital!  2ft close focus!

Angenieux 12-240 T3.5 Zoom 

Kubrick special!  nice look, sharp and a crazy crazy long 20x zoom range

Cooke 17-55.5 T2.8 Zoom 

Gorgeous lens as usual from Cooke!  Made for S35, but great for S16 as well!

Century Series 2000 6mm T1.9  

Amazing wide angle lens, sharp with almost no CA, 40.5mm internal filters

Elite 4.5mm T2.2 Wide Angle  

Ridiculous Wide Angle lens, close to 8mm in 35.  Internal filters included ( 85, 85ND3,6,9, ND3,6,9)

Ultra 16 primes:  9.5,12,14,18,25  

films like carol, black swan and many others have used these lenses, amazing sharpness and color rendition, great for digital as well.

Zeiss Super 16 Speeds:  8, 9.5, 12, 16, 25, 50  

A grittier look for Super 16, soft and wonderful!