TLS Super Baltars

These wonderful lenses were the industry standard during the 1950s through the 1970s on films like The Godfather.  These lenses are great on digital and they really "take the edge off" digital sensors.   

The TLS lenses have a Cam follower design and common 110mm fronts.  The mechanical action on these lenses is incredible -- just like a modern S4 lens, smooth with many spaced out focus marks.


Focal length   /   Make     /   Close Focus   /  Weight

15mm T4      Kowa                 CF 3 feet           1lb 2 oz

20mm T2.3   Super Baltar   CF 12 in           3lbs 6oz

25mm T2.3   Super Baltar   CF 11 in           4lbs 11oz

35mm T2.3   Super Baltar   CF 13 in           2lb 14oz

50mm T2.3   Super Baltar  CF 14in             2lb 13 oz

75mm T2.3   Super Baltar  CF 20in             3lb 6oz

100mm T2.3  Super Baltar  CF 3'3"            4lb 4oz

150mm T3     Super Baltar  CF 4'9"            4lb 4oz

Also Available:

Angenieux 20-120 Vintage Zoom T2.6 PL mount ( close match)

14.5mm T4 Angenieux (114mm front)

These are probably the best lenses for digital sensors and render skin beautifully.  They have a warm color palette and cool flare from the cobalt (hence the "balt"ar name) glass.  It's a special contrast which is not low con or washed out, but instead very smooth and beautiful.  Some older and poorer quality Super Baltars have lower contrast and glowing highlights.  We have hand selected our lenses to minimize that effect. These lenses are all properly sharp on the projector and really special on camera.  Shoot one project and you will see why we love these lenses!  An American classic which comes from a different time of manufacturing and optical craftsmanship.

Updated Mechanics on these lenses really take a lot of the headaches and guess work out of using older lenses like these.

The image circle on these lenses is amazing with the wide angle 20mm hitting 33mm -- giving almost full Dragon sensor coverage.  

Image Circle:

20/33mm 25/33mm 35/39mm 50/38mm 75/41mm 100/42mm


Godfather Part 1 & Part 2
The Birds
Star Wars


LABOR DAY , 2013 (Brolin, Winslet)
LOVE IS STRANGE, 2013 (Tomei, Molina, Lithgow)
RESULTS , 2014  
RUSH,  2013