New Cam follower mechanics turn these lenses into powerhouse cine lenses with no problematic focus pulls or missed shots.  They have 110mm common front diameters for easy use with accessories.


14mm T2.8 Canon FD   CF 8"           110mm front

18mm T1.5 Canon K-35   CF 1ft       110mm front

24mm T1.6 Canon K-35   CF 1ft       110mm front

35mm T1.4 Canon K-35   CF 1ft       110mm front

55mm T1.4 Canon K-35   CF 2ft        110mm front

85mm T1.4 Canon K-35   CF 3ft        110mm front

135mm T2.0  Canon FD   CF 3ft4"    110mm front

200mm T2.8   Canon FD  CF 7ft     80mm front

300mm T2.8 Century Canon FD   CF


Canon K-35 Zoom 25-120 T2.8 PL mount 136mm front

(includes duclos bracket, 136mm front)


Canon FD 50-300 T4.5 Zoom PL mount


Canon FD Century 2000 150-600 T6.7 (f/5.6) Zoom PL mount


WE ALSO HAVE A 4 LENS NON REHOUSED SET:      24mm T1.6, 35mm T1.4, 55mm T1.4, 85mm T1.4


  • Canons 1970s Glass is widely renowned for being absolutely beautiful. These lenses are nice and sharp (similar to Zeiss Super Speeds) but have an unique creamy quality and color palette.  All these lenses completely cover the Dragon and 36x24mm (full frame).  
  • The lenses are stunning and the new mechanical designs will allow the most demanding focus situations to be handled without issue.
  • These lenses have gorgeous purple/orange flares and excellent corner to corner sharpness.  They cover full frame 36mmx24mm.
  • Here i s also another straight test on the Alexa Mini 4K UHD sensor. These lenses have amazing bokeh: