Kowa Cine Prominar Spherical Lenses

We own 2 sets of 7 TLS rehoused Kowa Cine Prominars.  The TLS lenses have a Cam follower design and common 110mm fronts.  The mechanical action on these lenses is incredible -- just like a modern S4 lens with smooth and many spaced out focus marks.

The lenses have top quality mechanics and optics. They're suited to ANY long term production. 

Beautiful and sharp, these lenses have a flare like none-other

The optical designs are closely related to Super Baltar and Cooke Speed Panchro lenses. Made in Japan with a light yellow single coating, these lenses are MAGIC! There is nothing else like them -- cooler tones with poppy contrast and big golden flares.  We have a set of 8 focal lengths.

15mm T4       CF 1ft         1lb        2.5"         85mm (NO REHOUSED)

20mm T2.3CF 1ft         3lb         5"            95mm

25mm T2.3 CF 1ft         3lb        4"             80mm

32mm T2.3   CF 1.5ft        3lb        4"             80mm

40mm T2.3    CF2.5ft         3lb        4"            80mm

50mm T2.3     CF2.5ft        3lb         4"           80mm

75mm T2.3     CF3ft            3lb         4.5"       80mm

100mm T2.6    CF5ft           3lb        4.5"        80mm


Berthoit 38-155 T4.5 Vintage Zoom