Zeiss B Speed (T1.4) Lenses in PL Mount

These beautiful yet gritty lenses have a unique bokeh and wonderful flares from their triangular irises with early multicoatings!

The glass has a very "unique" look favored by certain big time cinematographers. Similar to K35s the lenses are cooler, somewhat brighter, and can have a creamy look to them.  They tend to be less flarey wide open than later Super Speeds. The lenses are super light and perfect for drone , steadicam or MOVI work.

Used on:  Taxi Driver, Lawnmower Man, and many other 70s-80s-90s films

18mm T1.4 B Speed      CF: 10"     80mm Front

25mm T1.4 B Speed      CF: 10”     80mm front

35mm T1.4 B Speed     CF:14”      80mm front

50mm T1.4 B Speed     CF: 2.5’     80mm front

85mm T1.4 B speed      CF:3.5”      80mm front

135mm T2.1    Std Speed              80mm front