Zeiss MK2 / MK3 Super Speed Lenses



We have 2 complete 5 lens sets, as well as 100mm and 135mm Telephoto primes.

Most of our lenses are MK3 with wider, larger, double sided focus marks and integrated iris gears.  

Beautiful lenses with gorgeous falloff, bokeh and brightness.. these are industry standard lenses!

18mm T1.3   MK2    3lbs    CF: 10"    80mm 

25mm T1.3   MK3    2lbs    CF: 10"    80mm

35mm T1.3   MK3    2lbs     CF: 14"    80mm

50mm T1.3  MK3    2lbs      CF: 30"    80mm 

85mm T1.3  MK3   2.5lbs    CF:3ft     80mm 

100mm T2.0 MK2  2.5lbs  CF: 3'4"   80mm

135mm T2.0 MK2  3lbs      CF:5ft      80mm 

$120/lens/day LIST PRICE

18 through 85 set $600/day LIST PRICE