TLS Series 1 Cooke Speed Panchros


Lensworks Recently took delivery on a complete set of early 1940s-1950s Cooke Speed Panchro Series 1 lenses!

  • Lenses are optically excellent and color matched.
  • Color Temperature is Neutral / Warm
  • Light blue / purple warm flares
  • Large set, 8 focal lengths, plus telepanchro 152 avail.
  • These lenses are fantastic on the Alexa, beautiful contrast with just enough sharpness and a warm flare
  • Lenses are similar to the B&L baltars but with faster stops and better optical designs
  • The 75mm in this set has no yellowing, clear glass
  • Lenses have very special curved field affect, giving a "cats eye" bokeh, most pronounced in the 28,35,40,50
  • The Lens coatings were designed for handling high contrast lighting situations of the early days of film, low ASA shooting and very strong and contrasty lights.  This means they hold highlights better than many other lenses and also do not get overly contrasty in strong/harsh lighting situations
  • The TLS lenses have a Cam follower design and common 110mm fronts.  The mechanical action on these lenses is incredible -- just like a modern S4 lens with smooth and many spaced out focus marks.



18mm     T2.0   CF 8″           2lb       110 front

25mm     T2.2   CF 8″            2lb      110 front

28mm     T2.2   CF 8″            2lb      110 front

35mm     T2.3   CF 9″            2lb      110 front

40mm     T2.3   CF 13″          2lb      110 front

50mm     T2.3   CF 15″          2.5lb   110 front

75mm     T2.3    CF 2.4ft       3lb       110 front

100mm   T2.8    CF 2ft          3lb       110 front